hi! i'm kamal (he/him). i live in edinburgh and am studying illustration at ECA.

commissions are now:
(as of 19th dec)

recent work

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price guideline

half body (waist up)£40+
full body£50+
+ backgroundvariable- inquire!
character reference sheetvariable- inquire!

*all commissions are subject to a possible complexity fee.

for full illustrations or commercial work, please message me directly. let me know your budget and i'm happy to tell you what i can do!


will draw

  • artistic nudity

  • fanart

  • real people/portraits

  • characters from written descriptions

won't draw

  • NSFW/sexual content

  • gore

  • furry/anthro

  • any other request i choose to decline.

[email protected]

commissioners must read my terms of service!

terms of service


  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request.

  • I reserve full rights to the image and its distribution and use unless otherwise specified.

  • This means I retain the rights to post and use the commission on social media/online/my portfolio, unless otherwise specified by the client.


  • All payments are through PayPal in GBP unless otherwise agreed.

  • All payments will be upfront unless otherwise agreed.

  • Should the commission become more intricate than anticipated, additional charges and time may be required at my discretion. The client will be informed if this is the case.

  • Modifications or adjustments to the piece may incur additional charges if they are significant or occur late in the process. The client will be informed if this is the case.

image rights/usage for non-commercial commissions

  • The client is not permitted to my artwork for commercial or profit use without approval. This includes prints and redistribution of the images.

  • The client is not permitted to claim they have created the work.

  • Please ask before you post my work on social media!

  • I must be tagged on the platform you posted it on. For example, if you post it on Instagram, please credit my Instagram @kamal.png.


  • If a commission cannot be completed on my end, the client will be refunded in full, no matter what stage of finish the piece was at. The client will receive what has been completed up until the point of refund.

  • Refunds/cancellations may be requested at any time. Please keep in mind:

  • The refunded amount will be determined by how much work has been completed. A commissioner requesting a refund in the sketch stage will receive a larger percentage as a refund than a refund in the colouring stage.

past projects wip

  • illustrator for etzali hernandez's [poetry here]

  • featured in edinburgh book festival's stories and scran event 2021

  • poster designer for french film festival's short film competition 2021

  • editor, artist and co-founder of G*NDERSHIT, an edinburgh based queer zine collective